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  1. Blain Barton says:

    I will speak on Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 and Office 365.

  2. Some suggestions for topics:

    Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset
    This is quickly becoming a staple in my organization, replacing a hodgepodge of various other tools, such as BartPE.

    Local Group Policy Management
    The tools written by Aaron Margosis, such as Apply_LGPO_Delta, have given us the ability to effectively manage local group policy on our non-domain clients and plays a role in our Windows 7 deployment process.

    Windows Troubleshooting Platform
    The reason PowerShell is part of Windows 7, and tons of potential for organizations building their own troubleshooing packs.

    Any PowerShell topics not already covered
    PowerShell for beginners, remoting, modules, Quest AD Cmdlets are all good topics.

    HP CMI and Dell OMCI
    Installing these packages on our computers allows BIOS settings to be queried and modified through a WMI interface.

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